Vocation discernment opportunity

logoA weekend of prayer, reflection, discussion and an experience of community... a time to ask questions and be with others on a similar journey... an opportunity to find out more about the spirituality and mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart, and see if it "fits" for you

Friday 27th February - Sunday 1st March
arriving 5pm onwards on Friday and finishing after Sunday lunch

11 Norham Gardens

Contact Sr Barbara Sweeney
0191 272 3000

Suggested donation for the weekend: £25


  1. How much does this event cost?

  2. Hello Emily - I'm sorry, I forgot to add that important bit of info! We are suggesting a donation of £25 for the weekend, but obviously if someone is unable to pay that we wouldn't want her to feel she couldn't come. If you want more information do contact us via the email address above, or else take a look at our website - www.societysacredheart.org.uk

    God bless


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