Commemorating Janet Stuart

This year the Society of the Sacred Heart has been celebrating the centenary of the death of Mother Janet Stuart (1857-1914), sixth Superior General and a writer, spiritual guide and educator.

Daughter of an Anglican clergyman, Janet was received into the Catholic Church in the Sacred Heart chapel, Farm Street aged 21, and joined the Society three years later.

The commemoration began in July 2013 with a conference focused on her spiritual journey and a visit to her childhood home in Cottesmore, Rutland. This summer there were two conferences: an academic one, organised and hosted by Digby-Stuart College, University of London, and another conference - The Seeking Spirit - focusing on aspects of Mother Stuart's life and legacy.

Videos of input and visit to Cottesmore at the 2013 Launch Conference

Videos of input and other sessions at The Seeking Spirit

The commemoration finished with a Centenary Eucharist of Thanksgiving on Saturday 11th October in Digby Stuart chapel, followed by a festive tea.

Account of the Eucharist and photo gallery

Video of the Eucharist

You can read more about Janet Stuart on the Society of the Sacred Heart's website